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Patrick Anseth is a Bay Area based jazz guitarist. Born and raised in Norway, he moved to the states to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, and after graduating traveled across to the West Coast and settled in the Bay Area where he currently resides with his cat Lester.

Although specializing in jazz, Patrick feels at home in most other groove based electric and acoustic guitar playing. He can hold down the fort as the only accompanist in any duo setting, lead a traditional guitar trio, or hang in a larger group without getting in the way of the piano player. He is a highly sensitive musician that completely debunks the theory that all guitar players are just loud. Many of his musician colleagues have remarked that “Patrick is the only guitar player I know that I on occasion have to tell to turn up”.

In addition to being a performing artist, Patrick is also active as an educator and currently holds a jazz faculty position at Oakland School for the Arts where he runs the jazz guitar program.